One does not look for his mistakes, but looks for everyone and everything else’s.. You can’t say that this universe does not exist just because you don’t check yourself. You don’t look at your heart, at least look at mine. Look in the clear mirror so that you can see how beautiful you are.

People have a head rising over the shoulders and have a mind, perception and conscience within. Thus they have personality. A person should be a thinker but not useless. Even if your words are untrue or not precise, your intention applies. The order of your life is based on your intention. If you are not happy with your current intentions and habits; then leave it, change your location, change your friends! El Muteal, your absolute love. A person is anothers problem. The things people have as parts of their personalities should always be reminded to them on regular basis.

God gave humanity mind and idea so that they make comparison, look for evidence and find the truth and this case applies only for humans. At the same time humans are for the one who created them.  Ones who simply follows, don’t realize the system is broken and don’t change because they can’t realize; cannot be happy. A broken, rotten tree cannot produce fruit.

Gratitude is using whatever is given, properly. Heart evaluates what your eyes see and ears hear; heart should take the credit. Good men die, evil men die; but the good and the evil don’t. Ones who get used to evil also get used to hell. God is Müntekim to the cruel and irresponsible people, He avenges; people can’t get away with what they did. If the name Kahhar‘ (owerwhelming) of God appears, He is owerwhelming to your lust, to your wrath.

The one in Kahhar is Him. You are just fine with your overwhelming and also your grace.

Nothing is single in creations, He is the one, the one and only. There is not only one prophet, but many prophets. Nothing is single other than God. Only God is unique. Names, actions and individuals belong to God. Everything tells that God is the one and only, even the names and titles tell the uniqueness of His names and titles. The name ‘Al-Wahid’ could be shown in what He has created. God is great!

El Vahid; God is one and only but His creations are so many. Nothing is unique. Uniqueness belongs to Him.

Fear of God is the fear of losing His love. Fear is a God’s blessing to humanity. A mad man does not fear, is incautious and doesn’t know what he does. Take refuge in someone who knows, in other words take refuge in God. Take refuge from fear, fear is made of what you don’t know.

The purpose in this World is science, is to live. The purpose of living is to be granted. Science is the enlightment by God. It means knowing what created you. People who know are not equal to those who don’t. Science, is the purpose of God. Purpose of the purpose is Maqsud. Maqsud is God.

God has given humanity something which He didn’t give to non-humans; perception. The virtue of science is better than the virtue of worshipping. If people who has science don’t take action, if they don’t teach science; that science is more of loss than a gain. Pity to the ignorant once, pity to the wise twice.

I tell the good, tell the truth because I am not His rival. Being with people who speaks truly is nothing much; patience, forbearance is the way to get over with sufferings and this is something worthy. Every burden has a blessing in the end. ‘Zuht’, is to disregard this world, is working on getting from what’s temporary to permanent.

This universe is not meaningless or useless. The world of three dimensions hasn’t been created for nothing. You get through hell and heaven to notice them. Place has three dimensions. The hell is not the purpose of the material world but the heaven is. The Halik’s (the Creator) purpose is this. He is the Melik (the Ruler).

If you are to be a servant, be a servant to God! Is there anything or anyone else more supreme than Him? God is the healer, the most useful one and sufficient.