The sacred authority is not based on force, but on mercy.

Dinner tables are set, all sorts of food are good; delicious, sweet, salty, nice. There’s another kind of table that there is someone Kemal (mature) speaks and hear what he speaks of; “Table of deep meaning, purity of heart, the light is bright as it is”; a soul without a heart, to the world of spirits.

I’ve always put my effort on not telling lies, I have never sworn whether it was the truth or a lie. Love and conversation has been my way. I did not seek for profit. Nothing can break or anger someone who has a will of steel. Mutlu, in this case your will is not strong. My wrath and my compassion are for God; God knows. Your wrath would bring pleasure and Your compassion would bring rigor but both of them are blessing.


He wanted a spiritual state and favor from me and I gave him more than two. Because in this case I, thank God, was generous. You are here, in the timeline of your live but I am in the timelines of lives and I travel the universe through the Moment. That’s the clear explanation of the relation between Mürit (Disciple) and Mürşit (Teacher).

The beauty of the wise ones is that they have lovely morals like Kerem, Hilim. Keep away from the greedy fools who think they are wise.

People don’t listen with the full meaning. They don’t listen to their teachers, scholars or mürşits. Even listening a little means a lot. Mürşit speaks of deep meanings, who listens? Sound is noise. People pick and hear what they like from that noise. To hear, a pair of ears is enough. But you need to be smart to listen. One who hears and listens every sound and word is a fool. Choosing between these words and the sounds and processing through the brain is called listening. Listen carefully, take what’s necessary.

Even if you give everything of yourself, everything that belongs to you; you cannot make people happy. But if you honesty do things for the love of God, God will be okay with you.

People accept their friends’ and beloved ones’ apologies, not hold against their mistakes. They can give a honest warning in a true manner. The sacred greatness belongs to God. He is al-Haliq(the Creator). Everything he created are creatures. The supreme creature among all others is the mankind. Arrogance doesn’t go well with His noblest creatures, servants. Bragging about wealth; bragging about the diploma; bragging about being wise, an engineer, a poet, a composer, a manufacturer, a president, a reis, a cumhur, pretty won’t make any good.

Existence is creature. There is a superior One who created that. Creator, is with His creatures. It’s important that the creature knows the Creator. Gracious God’s grace is infinite and that vivificates.

God’s words are resolution. Who thinks about what God says? They ask what this and that person said but they’re not asking what God says. El Azim; is magnificent, tremendous, almighty, supreme and resolute. Mind of a man is incapable and amazed near God’s greatness. And men respect it. They become a servant to God and free themselves from selfish desires.

God is Habir(new). Get the news from Him. God is great but He does not tyrannize with His greatness but blesses.

Men and women, these two are pieces of each other. If they get together sincerely, they become a whole. A human is born out of sexual unification. All men must die. In fact, people get to the death every moment and eventually they will taste it.

A mother is an intercessor to his baby while he is in his mom’s womb and after the birth. No matter how mother’s lives are, good or bad, they concern the newborn. Even the punishment concerns them. In this case, abortion of the child in the womb is betrayal to the holy system.

May God give us cure. God is curer and blessing anyway. He is Al-Ghaffar(forgiving) and Al-Wahhab (giver of all).

If people has the sense of liability(which are listed below) due to their creation;

  • Do not forget to say Suphanallah, elhamdülillah
  • Use our body parts properly and unhurt and use them for good purposes
  • Never stop loving God, never forget Him and never be absentminded

Ones who are good at God’s way lives this life nicely and in peace. Shameless nasty ones live in agony and have an unhappy life. Customs of God are essential. What God is trying to tell by everything He created are Hak(right, justice), duties. People’s condition of having liabilities is Hak. Otherwise it’s superstition. We shouldn’t confuse Hak with superstition. God created everything to tell something. Everything He created has a meaning. He is Hak and He tells about Hak. Being unhurt, pure is; not confusing Hak and superstition.


God creates everything with good. It’s ours to see them as evil. Servants are ignorant and cruel. They confuse good with evil, and commit evil actions. A soft language means peace in terms of elegant soul life. A rude language, arrogance, feel of greatness and taking pride in materialistic stuff mean agony and anxiety. Being saintly, useful and never lacking conversation is from God. God is Aziz(saint). He is merciful, he loves and is loved. God praises the ones who deserve and degrade who don’t. Ones who don’t use their brain, falls to the evil. Acts of good do not matter if it is good to me or you. It is an act of good because it is good to God. An act of good that is good to God is the one that is seen. If you turn to pleasure, that is not true act of good. Pleasure disrupts the scale and it ends up with sordidness and selfishness. The source of everything is God and they are good. Act of good is an ore. Evil is insignificant and temporary.

To give God’s right(hak) to God and to give servant’s right (hak) to servant.

El Hafiy is someone who ask questions about his existence. God observes, watches over and cares what He created. Because He is El Hafiy.

Unity in fraction; humans are problems of humans. It to give God’s right(hak) to God. To regard what belongs to Him as stone idols and as they belong to servants is a big mistake. People are not perfect, they make mistakes but they should defend these mistakes; If they understand what they did before and fix it; if they try not to repeat the mistake they’ve made; they become a wise person.


Notice the science and discipline, look after and own it, share it; the giver is superior to the taker; being complaisant. God lets us to be. He gives us our breath and He is gentle; tolerant. He wants to see tolerance between His servants. Wise people with science and discipline becomes gentle.